Process Control Automation Systems

We supply new, used, remanufactured, and aftermarket process control automation systems. Whether you are looking for a whole system or a replacement part for your equipment, we have a solution that fits your needs. Our products include complete systems, monitors, printers, OEM sensors, and an extensive line of spare parts.

Complete Systems

  • Scanners/Frames
  • System Control Cabinets
  • Peripherals
  • J-Boxes

Spare Parts

  • New, Remanufactured & Aftermarket
  • Circuit Boards & Assemblies
  • Frame Sensors (see below)
  • Frame Spares (see below)
  • Power Supplies

Frame Sensors

  • Basis Weight
  • Moisture
  • Ash
  • Color
  • Caliper
  • Gloss
  • Microwave
  • EOS

Frame Spares

  • Powertracks/Cable Carriers
  • Hoses
  • Cables-Signal and Power
  • Motors and Clutches
  • Drives
  • Wheels-Rollers
  • Bearings
  • Belts-Timing and Seal

Parts Search

We supply parts for the following process control system manufacturers:

  • ABB/Accuray
  • Honeywell/Measurex/Devron
  • Allen Bradley
  • Bailey
  • Foxboro
  • GE Fanuc
  • McBeth
  • Radisys
  • Seimens
  • Taylor-Mod
  • TDC 3000
  • ULMA
  • Valmet
  • VIB

Not looking to buy replacement equipment? Our repair services are unmatched and will keep your business up and running.

Meters, Counters and Instrumentation

In addition to process control systems, we can provide you with an array of meters, counters and instrumentation products. We supply panel meters, proximeters, encoders, relays, chart recorders, pulse generators, spare parts and more.

We also provide a variety of services to ensure that you are getting the most out your equipment. Our equipment experts provide top-of-the-line technical support, expedited repairs, equipment calibration to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and application support.

  • Panel Meters
  • Proximeters
  • Encoders
  • Relays
  • Chart Recorders
  • Pulse Generators
  • Spare Parts

We stock meters, counters and instrumentation from the following manufacturers:

  • API
  • Crompton
  • ECCI
  • Fuji
  • LEF
  • Microwiz
  • Rockwell
  • Rustrak
  • Simpson
  • Triplett
  • West
  • Yokagawa